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Agarwal Impex Pvt Ltd deals in international trading of various agro based products including rice, spices and maize & its derivatives. We mainly export Corn starch(native and modified) , Liquid Glucose, Dextrose and other Maize derivatives to Asia, Africa and South East Asian Countries. Further Details of the products as given below:

Product details:


Corn Starch, also called Corn Flour, has a chemical formula (C6H10O5). Starch occurs in different forms and can be varied on its functionality based on its physio-chemical composition.Varying the production parameter of the final starch produced does this it is extracted from the corn kernel and has a distinctive appreance& feed

Major applications of starch –

  • Corrugated Cartons manufacturing
  • Sizing in textile industry
  • Binder in tablets
  • Adhesive industry as additive
  • Viscosity in food industry.


Liquid glucose - LG (also called corn syrup) is the result of partial hydrolysis of starch through acid or enzyme. LG is a Transparent, colorless and viscous solution having major applications in food and industrial products. Chemically, Liquid Glucose is a mixture of the entire spectrum of carbohydrate molecules derived by breaking the long chained molecules of polysaccharides contained in starch slurry. By adjusting the content of the ingredients, Liquid Glucose of various DE (Dextrose Equivalent) can be obtained for varied end uses.

Major applications of starch –

  • Candies, jellies etc as a preservative to control crystallization
  • Used as flavoring agent in tobacco
  • Binder in tablets, in cough syrups, artificial honey etc.
  • Bakery, Ice creams, other dairy products as a substitute of sucrose
  • Liquid Glucose is used by a tanner to enhance weight and ensure a softer texture.
  • Many other food applications require usage of liquid glucose.

Dextrose Monohydrate-

Dextrose MH is produced through hydrolysis of starch. It is a white odorless crystalline powder, which is sweet in taste. Dextrose Monohydrate is moderate in sweetness. It is 65-70% as sweet as sucrose and has a solution, which is much less viscous than Liquid Glucose. DMH is freely soluble in water at room temperature and also in boiling alcohol.

Major applications of starch –

  • Used in Biscuits and cream fillings as a substitute of sucrose
  • Used in bakery products like breads and buns as a fermentable carbohydrate
  • Used in canned vegetables & fruits as a preservativeused in confectioneries such as chewing gums, candies etc to give a cool texture used in Jams, Jellies, Preservatives, Peanut Butter, Seasoning, Pickle, Vinegar Fermentation, etc.

Dextrose MH is also used in industrial applications such as in adhesives, resin formulations, Gluconic acid, building materials and various other applications.

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